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  Making the most out of this course

New Lectures Notifications

We'll notify you via e-mail (from every time we publish a new lecture. Make sure to check your spam folder, as the e-mail may end up there sometimes (if you prefer, you can also add our address to your contacts to prevent it from happening). 

How to follow the project's progress

You can follow the project's progress on the GitHub repo.

In every lecture where we produce code, we will share the `git diff` with all commits/changes. For example, the diff for the lecture "Singletons, Globals, or Dependency Injection?!" in the Networking module looks like:

Where you can navigate commit by commit or see the overall changes performed in the whole episode:

Asking questions

We encourage you to ask as many questions as you want about the lectures! It will help you and many other members to get the most out of this course.

The official channel for asking questions about the lectures is the comment section at the bottom of every lecture page. We'll reply as fast as we can (often within hours). 

If you have questions unrelated to the lectures, please contact us at